Friday, November 5, 2010

Champion again! (and possibly for the last time)

Last night was the BYU-Idaho RecSports Ultimate Championships. My team, the Lawn Gnomes captained by my good friend Mark Kam, played against team Pffft. It was by far the best game we played all season.

Both teams went into the game undefeated. Not only that but both teams had won each of their other games very soundly. Aside from this game our smallest win margin was 7 points. Team Pffft had a similar win margin. We had heard a lot about how good this team was and that we were going to have a hard time beating them.

Like I said before this was the best game we ever played and I mean that in terms of competitiveness. For the first time we were tied at half time and very worried about how we were going to pull through. We were able to change up our game strategy for the second half and come out strong. We ended up winning by three points or so. I don't know what the exact score was.

I'm not going to give you a detailed play by play of the game. Sorry, but if you want that you'll have to ask me later. That's because this post is not about just this one game. Rather it's about my Frisbee experience at BYU-Idaho.

As I was walking to the game last night I had a thought. "If we win tonight I will have won a championship in every Frisbee league on campus." During the Spring semester of '09 I was on the Vikings when we won the Competitive Championships. The semester after that my friend Justin Cutler and I won the first ever BYU-Idaho RecSports Disc Golf Doubles Tournament. And now, just last night the Lawn Gnomes rose victorious, claiming the BYU-Idaho RecSports Ultimate Championship.

It feels good to know that I've slightly succeeded in something that I highly enjoy.

After going through all of that in my mind another thought came to me. "This is going to be the last championship of my Frisbee career." I only have one semester left to graduate. Normally that semester wouldn't come until Spring 2011 but I was able to get on Fast Grad. (A program allowing students to go year round instead of just two semesters a year.) My last semester will now conclude the first week of April 2011. There is no Frisbee in the Winter in Rexburg.

It's a little sad to know I'm not going to be playing with any of these people again. But at the same time the idea of graduating this coming April is a whole lot sweeter. And with the victory last night I think it's a perfect ending to my intramural Frisbee experience.

No worries though, I'm going to try to find a club team to play with wherever we end up living.

These are a couple of my favorite pics form Ultimate.
Me with the disc.

I'm the one in the air.

If you didn't have a chance to watch the game last night it was supposed to me webcast. I don't know if it really was but if it was it should be available here in a few days.

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